Roof painting

Pre painting repairs -
Metal roofs – rubber membrane on rust, leak check
Tiles roofs – Pointing (cement repairs), valley replace

What is roof painting?

Roof painting applies a protective coating that will safeguard the roof by restricting its material from coming in contact with water, especially in Brisbane, where there can be adverse weather conditions. As we all know, water is one of the most powerful elements to damage various residential and commercial buildings, regardless of whether you have tiles, or metal roofing. Water causes holes, rust formation and holes in metal roofs and cracks and mineral loss in the cement tile roof, resulting in leaks, mould and even structure damage. There is one simple and effective solution for all these problems and that is roof painting. Along with painting, regular cleaning of the roof is also important to maintain the quality of the roof and prevent tile roof repairs. Apart from this, applying a paint coating in regular intervals helps reduce the formation of stains and stubborn debris, once again helping you to prevent the need for metal roofing or tile roof repairs.

How does roof painting inflate the beauty of your house?

Uniform Roof painting with the suitable selection of colours boosts the value of a home. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, exterior painting – including the roof – provides a contemporary look. High quality metallic paints which are known for their quick setting time and long lasting brightness are also durable and provide aesthetic appeal and water resistance, inflating the longevity of the structure of a house. The heat reflective property of the paint doesn’t allow the sun’s rays to enter a house directly, and thus, helps people to stay cool.

Backed by a team of highly experienced LOCAL professional painters and decorators, we, DR. Roof provide a kind of metal roof painting that reflects the aspiration and style of people. Our professional strives hard to provide the best match that leaves no one without admiring the beauty of the house. We believe in offering personalized and cost effective roof painting services. Our team works in close coordination to meet the exact demand of the customers within the stipulated time frame. We believe in offering unmatched service that makes our clients satisfied.

Metal Roof

Today, AUSTRALIA MADE blue scope steel Metal roofs and gutters are one of the best and durable options than any other roofing solution for various residential, commercial and industries buildings. Metal roofs provide a complete roof solution that you can depend on. Provided with elegant design, light weight and excellent color combination, these roofs have become the prime choice of various house schools, colleges, hotels and offices. Additionally, these contemporary roofs have no match in terms of sophistication, strength and longevity. These roofs provide complete protective solution too. They prevent structural damage, collapse, leak and crack during heavy rain and storm.

How does it prevent the building material from rust and rut damage?

Provided with excellent metal and paint coating, this roof doesn’t allow the water to inter into the building material. Additionally, these metal roofs are provided with rust resistance coating for better functioning. We, Dr. Roof provide a wide range of roof in various metal options that include corrugated Iron, aluminium and copper. Our metal roofs provide a natural look to your house and long very last. Today, the metal roofs are preferred over any other roof, owing to their easy installation and maintenance. We can meet the bulk demand of our customers within the time specified by them. It is assured that all our Australian made products are in total compliance with the international standard.

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Roof restoration

Maintaining a home begins with the roof, preventing leaks is essential to maintaining the structure of your home and prevents costly renovations. And mold presence health issues. Our fully licensed technicians are trained to identify and restore deficiencies in the roof before costly replacement is required
Maintenance is your best investment

Metal Roof and gutters repair

We can determine the cost effectiveness of a replacement or repair to your roof. We specialise in fixing any kind of leak and install new roofs, we also provide complete roof care service as:
Gutter and spouting replacement or repair, Rust treatment, Flashing repair, roof vent, gutter guard.

Cement and Terracotta tiles roof maintenance

For tiled roofs on wooden framing we use Australian made flexible cement for pointing preventing cracks and leaks.
Clay tile roof repair, replacement of broken tiles to match your existing tiles. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, give us a call to schedule a no obligation eval-uation and receive a free roof restoration quote. Save your roof from repairs or premature replace-ment exposure to further damage and decay.

Rust treatment and repairs

Duram Flexible liquid rubber membrane

We, AT Dr. Roof takes immense pride in introducing ourselves as a leading enterprise, engaged in offering high quality Flexible liquid rubber membrane for a reliable roofing solution. This rubber membrane is having excellent flexibility and can be stretched without tear. Additionally, our mem-brane provides excellent rust resistance solution of building materials.

What makes Liquid Rubber membrane the prime choice of people?

  • Its unique structure and construction make it highly flexible. Flexibility allows smooth structural movements.

  • It doesn’t need any flames or heat while installation.

  • These membranes are designed and developed using of stable, non -toxic, non-flammable and odorless liquid components.

  • Owing to its flexibility, it is highly recommended for both vertical and horizontal surfaces

Advantages of Liquid Rubber membrane:
  • Installation requires clean, dry surface, one coat of prime, tow coats of membrane

  • Its unique design and advanced property make it capable enough to adjust any type of sur-face. It can be installed on any surface be it brick, concrete, metal or PVC.

  • It provides a proven coverage. Liquid Rubber membrane is a basically a coating so every nook and cranny is filled with uniform thickness.

  • These unique and advanced membranes actually repel impact.