Roof check and gutter clean: $99.00*

*for a single storey house.

Dr Roof is your one stop shop for everything to do with your roof restoration, roof repairs, gutter cleaning and even new roof construction. Our team has extensive experience in restoration and repairs and are the trusted name in the industry. Dr Roof have always been committed to providing only the best in personalised service to our clients in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

For roof restoration, Brisbane clients will receive an onsite visit where we will walk them through every aspect of the project to make sure they’re informed and comfortable with the restoration process. Similarly, for roof repairs, Brisbane clients can access our 24-hour emergency service so that their important possessions are protected. But, no matter if it is a restoration, or repairs job, our staff are always prompt and thorough with our assessments and completion of work.

For gutter cleaning, Brisbane homeowners are advised to have this service performed regularly; gutter cleaning is imperative to protecting your investment. A gutter that is allowed to fill with leaves and other debris and is not part of a regular cleaning routine will very quickly become a major issue- and potentially cause a lot of damage. So, for all your gutter cleaning maintenance requirements, talk to us before it causes bigger problems.

We know every roof restoration or roof repair job is different, our experienced estimators will give you advice on getting the best restoration or repairs solution for your home, your business or rental property.

So call Dr Roof, your restorations, repairs and gutter cleaning experts for Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Brisbane Roofing Professionals

No job is too hard…

Get your roof restoration, re-pointing, cleaning or even construction done by a team of experienced roofers who get the job done quickly and professionally for you. When you need Brisbane roofing contractors Brisbane committed to personalised expert service, call Dr Roof. We know every job is different and will give you advice on getting the best roofing solution for your home, your business or rental property.

Emergency Roof Repairs

A roof leak will get progressively worse with time. Let our 24-hour emergency repair stop your roof leak in its tracks. Our qualified roofer will find leak in your roof and solve the problem in 24 hours or less anywhere in Brisbane. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can find and repair roof leaks that might be hidden from view and prevent them from damaging your property.